Holiday from my Proper Job Means..

… New delights for the website.  Take your chance to get a luck at two new chutneys and two new pickles and a cricket themed Jam (I had to, you all know how much I love Cricket!).

So will you be daring and try a mint pickled Strawberry or try spoonful of pineapple chutney on your poppadom?

Next up I’m looking for a show or fete where I can retail some of these items, let me know if you hear of anything.

Happy Browsing!

Summer Strawberry Picking

So its a sunny Sunday and what else do you do other than go Strawberry Picking…. Strawberry Pic 1

The Scene was set… the helper was in place…

Strawberry Pic 3

The strawberries were picked….

Strawberry Pic 2
Just a shame the quality control wasnt there!

So to the Jam making, and so far Strawberry and Champagne has been made (although not sure it will set!) and enought left over for another, just deciding what to do!

First Sale

Well it feels good to get a sale, now just waiting for some feedback! Big thanks to Sue for the purchase…. Hope that the Jam goes well in the cakes!

Now who is next?!

Also on the look out for anyone with excess fruit in their gardens I will happily take it off your hands!

What to do when it rains…

So had the day planned out, got my shopping all wrapped up by 10.30 to sit down and enjoy some cricket with England facing India in the ICC Champions Trophy at Edgbaston. As I type this nearly 6 hours later, play finally starts!

But what it does mean is that I have made the test batches of Strawberry Blonde Jam (in honour of all the gingers) and SLT (couldn’t think of a better name for it!)

They are a limited run so if your interested have a look in the shop.

So will leave you by saying, COME ON ENGLAND!

Big Al

June 22, 2013

Started to prepare some testers of Strawberry Jam, one with Ginger and one with Lemon Thyme,

If you want to try them they should be ready tomorrow so let me know, and if they taste any good they will be in the store shortly!

And hopefully I will have some Bakewell Jam later….. I say hopefully and mean it, I say Bakewell and we will see, I say jam and it might be syrup!

Bakewell Jam update…. its made…. now cooling so hopefully we have Jam!